Far Cry 3

Shot by originalnicodr


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes*
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11


  • Cheat Engine table by One3rd
    Features: Freecam, FoV control, HUD toggle, timestop.

  • Hud toggle requires Reshade 5+ with Shader Toggler
    Features: Map, ammunition, mission information, enemy marks, enemy silhouette trough walls, and enemy attention indicator toggles.


Select the game graphic API to dx11 in the video option for the table to work.


There are two "methods" for the cheat table to get the freecam. I suggest trying the one with F2 by default (backup freecam on the cheat table), and when that doesn't work use the freecam with F1. Also, the game has both keys binded to opening menus in-game, so you may want to rebind those.

Command Key
Toggle FreeCamera F1 / F2
Toggle HUD Numpad 0
Pause P
Unpause Shift + P
Change camera orientation Mouse
Move the camera in the world coordinates Numpad 4, 5, 6, 8
Move the camera downwards / upwards Numpad 7 / Numpad 9
Move the camera faster Hold Ctrl while moving
Move the camera slower Hold Alt while moving

Since we are using the gameplay controls to move the camera orientation, we won't be able to change its orientation in cutscenes.

To be able to change the camera orientation when the game is paused disable negative mouse acceleration.

Even tho the cheat table has the option to turn off the HUD, I would still suggest using the shader toggler linked above (with Caps Lock) since it covers more stuff than just the minimap and ammunition.

Tips and Tricks

Change definitions on the fly may cause crashes.


Depth Buffer

The game has some faulty depth buffer detection at times, so you will probably have to reselect it before working on a shot.

Shader crash

I encountered some crashes when trying to turn on a shader for the first time after a while of starting the game (for example, turning on Cinematic DOF). I have tried turning on the shaders that I want to use at least once just after starting the game to avoid crashing afterward.


I noticed that Reshade's screenshot functionality wasn't working without Reshade menu being open. So open the menu when taking a screenshot to make sure it's taken.