Left 4 Dead 2

Shot by moyevka


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
DSR Yes¹
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes²
Reshade Yes (DX9)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 9

¹ - changing resolutions too often can cause a game hang, recommended to play at your shooting resolution
² - Aspect Ratio might have to be tweaked to see all your custom resolutions

Console commands

Since Valve games allow access to the console, no tools are needed.
Going to the Options menu > Keyboard/Mouse, enable Allow Developer Console. You can now open the console with the `/~ key.

Command Arguments Description
sv_cheats 0 / 1 enables cheats (needed for most of these)
hidehud 0 - 4 4 hides HUD
noclip 0 / 1 toggles noclip (freecam)
nb_stop 0 / 1 toggles bots & zombie behaviour (timestop)
r_drawviewmodel 0 / 1 toggles viewmodel (weapon visibility)
host_timescale - controls gamespeed (multiplier)
map ID list change levels
give ID list spawns weapons
z_spawn ID list spawns zombies
cl_glow_survivor_b 0 / 1 toggles survivor outlines
mat_postprocess_enable 0 / 1 toggles post-processing (bloom, sharpening, LUTs)

hidehud does not hide captions and survivor tips, those have to be disabled in the game settings.

Tips and Tricks

Starting a shooting session

Most of these commands only work in a session with cheats enabled. To start one, open the console in the main menu and enter sv_cheats 1. Next, start a level of your choice with the map command.

Binding commands & autoexec.cfg

The above commands can be bound to hotkeys with the use of bind <key> <command> / bindToggle <key> <command> (latter is best for 0 / 1 commands) so the console doesn't have to be opened all the time.

These bind commands can be written to an autoexec.cfg file created in ~\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg folder. This guide goes into much greater detail regarding console commands and autoexec.cfg.

Lower FOV

There seems to be a hard limit on FOV in-game at 75 deg. It can't be forced lower with commands, but equipping a scoped rifle (or spawning it with give) is a handy workaround. Note that you cannot scope in while noclipping.


While Reshade works in this game, due to it being a multiplayer title access to the depth buffer will be locked. Use a version of Reshade that has network detection disabled to use depth effects.