Grand Theft Auto V

Shot by SammirLlm


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 10, DirectX 11


  • Open IV
    Important tool to manage game’s directories, install ASI loader, mods and edit files.
  • ScripthookV
    Essential to use GTAV script native functions in custom .asi plugins.
  • Community ScripthookV.NET
    Allows running scripts written in any .NET language ingame.
  • Heaplimit adjuster
    Increases the default game allocator heap (also included with NVE).
  • Packfile limit adjuster
    Doubles the amount of packfiles, aka RPFs, the game can handle.


An advantage of using the Rockstar Editor is that you can save the project and camera position so that crashes arent that impactful.

If you use R editor, don't install NVE motion blur, since it will be captured by R Editor without the possibility to remove it, only use Enhanced Video Editor that lets you tweak it via a dedicated .ini


A custom gameconfig.xml is highly recommended if you plan to mod the game and add elements like cars, maps, peds etc. There are a lot of custom Gameconfigs, if you purchase Natural Vision Evolved just install the one that comes with it, otherwise this one is frequently used.


It’s highly recommended that you create a “mods” folder inside your GTA V main directory in which you have to copy all the folders that are going to be modified before you start modding the game, specifically the “update” folder and the “X64” folder; Open IV will ask you and do this automatically the first time you launch it and everytime you try to edit a file outside of the “mods” folder.


Graphic mods (pick one)

Textures/LOD Stuff

GTA V Remastered


If you are using Nve and install GTA V remastered or any other similar mod that adds props/custom maps as this will eat up the game's memory and its not really necessary since Nve does add a lot of stuff already. Could lead to vehicles no loading textures correctly among other problems.

ENB (Optional, tanks performances)


If you want to use this ENB preset, or any other custom preset with NVE, always Install the NVE preset first, then open up the third parties' preset folder and drag/drop these three files only into your GTA V main folder: enbseries folder, enbseries.ini and enblocal.ini, overwrite when asked.

  • Suggested: Disable Input on ENB Editor (No game inputs while ENB editor is open)

If you want to use ENB together with Reshade, just edit enblocal.ini with Notepad++ and replace these lines under [PROXY]:


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