Hitman 3

Shot by Tokenass


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes
Graphics API DirectX 12
Game version E 3.130.0


    Features: Mod Loader and Mods - Freecam, SkipIntro, NoPause etc.

  • Cheat Table
    Features: Ansel Unlock, Invisible HUD, Game Freeze

ZHMModSDK Installation

  1. Click on the link above or click here and download the ZHMModSDK-Release.zip file.


    Make sure to download the version of the SDK which is compatible with your game version

  2. Extract the file and paste its contents in Hitman 3\Retail folder.

  3. Download this file and paste it in Hitman 3\Retail folder.

    Alternatively you can just create a new text document, rename it to mods.ini, paste this line in the file,


    save it and paste the file in the Hitman 3\Retail folder.

This step is done because the SDK has a bug which causes the game to freeze at startup (4/5 times) so the mods.ini file activates skipintro mod which skips the game intro hence bypassing this bug.

Cheat Table

When you are ingame open the cheat table and select Hitman 3 from the Processes. You need to press Esc once to make the Cheat Table work.


The No HUD script does not hide the Saving box which shows up every few minutes

Using Freecam

The ZHMModSDK comes with some preinstalled mods including Freecam. You can check the total list of mods from the SDK repository

Once the above steps are done and you are in the main menu/ingame, press the ~ key to open up the console and select the Freecam and Nopause mods and click OK.

Disable the HUD using the CT. You can freeze/unfreeze the game using the key 5/key 4.

To enable the freecam make sure that the game is unpause and press P. This will show up the freecam controls for the first time which you can close by bringing up the cursor by pressing ~ key.

Once you have lined up the shot you can lock the camera by quickly unfreezing and pressing the F3 key which locks the camera enabling Agent 47's movement and then freezing the game again

Freecam Controls

Action Keyboard Controller
Toggle freecam P
Toggle camera lock 47 input F3  
Change FOV Ctrl + W/S y + <
Change camera height Space + Q/E { + >
Roll camera Ctrl + A/D a + <
Change camera speed Alt + W/S b + >
Move camera forward/backward on axis Space + W/S
Increase speed while holding Shift }
Reset rotation a + < (L3)
Keep camera still while you control 47 [


The game hotsamples with SRWE. Enable the NoPause mod so that the game doesn't pause when alt-tabbing. Make sure that the game is windowed when using SRWE.