Devil May Cry 5

Shot by Langgi


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes (lol)
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (with tools)
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11, DirectX 12


Contact Shadows

To improve gameplay shadows on character models go to Devil May Cry 5 game folder:

  • Open the file dmc5config.ini.
  • Change the ContactShadowSetting value from CUSTOM to ON.
  • Save your changes, right click on the file -> properties.
  • Select the "Read only" box.

It should also be noted that forcing contact shadows on gameplay may result in some texture bugs e.g., the balloons in mission 2 may look weird, among other things.

Tips and Tricks

In order to use ReShade, you'll need the game to boot in DX11. In your game's folder, open dmc5config.ini and change the following line: