Shot by SammirLlm


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes (see notes)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11
Game version E 4.12.5


  • Cheat Table by Skall
    Features: Camera control, FoV control.


    If you want to take a stillshot, pause the game by pressing the ESC key and hide the HUD using the ShaderToggler as described below. Then press INS to enable freecam.


    This Cheat Table allows you to toggle freecam without pausing the game. You can thus take long exposure shots with this tool.

    Function Key
    Toggle Freecam Insert
    Camera Movement (X axis) Num 4 / Num 6
    Camera Movement (Y axis) Num 7 / Num 9
    Camera Movement (Z axis) Num 5 / Num 8
    Pitch Up Arrow / Down Arrow
    Yaw Left Arrow / Right Arrow
    Roll Num 1 / Num 2
    Field of View Num - / Num +
  • Cheat Table by pvp
    Features: Camera control, FoV control, Hide Menu.


    Pause the game (ESC) and hide the menu using the HUD toggle inside the table or the ShaderToggler as described below. Then take the shot.

    Function Key
    Camera movement Num 9/8/7/6/5/4
    Pitch and Yaw controls Arrow keys
    Increase/decrease FoV Num +/-
    Camera Rotation PageUp and PageDown

Hide Hud

You may use the Shader Toggler Addon for Reshade to toggle the shaders the draw the HUD Elements. You may find the ShaderToggler.ini file of the game here or in this repository. Press the Caps Lock to hide/unhide the HUD.


Hotsampling works with the game, however there is an issue where alt-tabbing back to the game after hotsampling will reset it to its previous resolution. A workaround is to use MSI Afterburner / RTSS, which can capture the game without needing to alt-tab back.