Far Cry Primal

Shot by One3rd


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes (see notes about depth buffer)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11


HUD Toggle Notes

  • Install the contents of the HUD Toggle Zip file to "..\Far Cry Primal\bin".
  • By default the [Numpad_Decimal] key will toggle the game HUD.

Reshade Notes

For access to the depth buffer you will need to set Copy depth buffer before clear and select the correct depth buffer. The correct depth buffer will need to be selected again when you change the resolution.

Cheat Table Notes

  • The Camera script is enabled with F1. This seperates the camera from the character with mouse controlling rotation and the below keys controlling movement.

    Key Command
    Hold Numpad+ 7/9 FOV
    Numpad 4/6 X axis
    Numpad 8/5 y axis
    Numpad 7/9 z axis
  • Timestop script is enabled with F4. There are three modes for this, the first time F4 is pressed the time is slowed to almost 0 allowing rotation of the camera with mouse, the second press of F4 completely freezes the game but also stops the ability to rotate the camera. Pressing F4 a third time will resume normal game speed. Note that this method of time manipulation can cause problems with the game physics resulting in characters, animals and objects floating in the air or slowly moving on their own. It doesn't always happen but if it does can be fixed by reloading a previous saved game.

  • Time of Day script is enabled/disabled with F7. Use the [ and ] keys to increase or decrease with ALT modifying for larger jumps.

    Key Command
    [ Decrease time of day
    ] Increase time of day
  • Time of Day Speed script is enabled with [F8]. This can be used to control the flow of time. Bound keys are.

    Key Command
    6 Reversed
    7 Paused
    8 Fast
    9 Koyaanisqatsi
  • I've merged some cheat scripts by Sunbeam into this table. These allow for stealth, god mode F2, infinite ammo F3, super speed, super jump and ammo control.