Garry's ModShot by SammirLlm


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
DSR Yes¹
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes²
Reshade Yes (DX9)
Ansel No
DirectX versions DirectX 9

Console Commands

In order to use console commands, you have to enable the Developer Console first. Start the game, open Settings and then the Keyboard section. Click on Advanced, and in the new window, tick the select box that says Enable Developer Console. By default, the tilde key is used to toggle the console window.

Command Arguments Description
sv_cheats 0 / 1 Enables cheats
hidehud 0 - 4 4 Hides HUD
noclip 0 / 1 Toggles noclip (Default key is V)
r_drawviewmodel 0 / 1 Toggles viewmodel
fov 1 - 100 Changes field of view

Console commands can be bound to hotkeys with the use of bind <key> <command> / bindToggle <key> <command> (latter is best for 0 / 1 commands) so the console doesn't have to be opened all the time.

Here's an in-depth guide of every console command, though you should be good with the commands already mentioned above.


While Reshade works in this game, due to it being a multiplayer title access to the depth buffer will be locked. Use a version of Reshade that has network detection disabled to use depth effects.


Changing resolutions too often can cause a game hang, recommended to play at your shooting resolution

Custom Aspect Ratios

Aspect Ratio might have to be tweaked to see all your custom resolutions

Useful Add-ons

Lets you spawn light entities, here's a short guide that could be useful.

Useful tools for posing ragdolls, here's a guide on how to use both tools.