Hogwarts Legacy

Shot by Dread


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes (use windowed fullscreen)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes (full support)
Graphics API DirectX 12


  • Unreal Engine Unlocker
    Free Features: Free: Camera, HUD toggle, Hotsampling, console, timestop
    Patreon Features: Free features + Custom lights, post processing, camera paths, weather control, change seasons
  • Cheat Engine script by Sunbeam
    Features: Time of day
    Enable script, use [ ] keys to change time of day or hold ctrl for bigger changes (or set your own hotkeys)

Tips and Tricks

Hide white outlines

Using the console, hide outlines with:
r.customdepth 0
Show white outlines:
r.customdepth 3

Change seasons without UUU

Download and install this mod (requires another mod to be installed first). https://www.nexusmods.com/hogwartslegacy/mods/57?tab=description

Installing is easy, just drag some files to a folder for both mods. Follow the instructions to enable the mod in-game. After entering "UETools" into the mod window in-game, you never have to do that again.

Now you can use the normal console to use the weather commands.

HL_ChangeSeason spring
HL_ChangeSeason fall
HL_ChangeSeason winter

After entering the command, you'll need to fast travel for the textures to switch to the selected season.