Shot by Philos


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes (see notes)
Hotsampling Yes (see notes)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (see notes)
Reshade Yes (see notes)
Ansel No
Graphics API OpenGL, Vulkan (see notes)
Game version 6.66 (see notes)
See notes Yes



To use the camera tools, you'll need to downgrade the game's binaries. Please reference our guide to learn how to Revert Game Update using Steam Console. After the first step you can download the necessary binaries using this code: download_depot 379720 379721 907965064786099828. Then you need to copy these files to your game folder. (explained at step 6 in the guide)


Camera tools only work with OpenGL API. To change API go to Settings > Advanced > Graphics API.


First, run the camera tools as administrator. IF everything works, then you don't need to follow the steps below.

  1. Running the tools as administrator
    • Right click on DOOMx64.exe go to Properties > Compatibility
    • Click the Change settings for all users option
    • Check Run this program as an administrator and press OK
    • Right click to IGCSInjector.exe and click Run as administrator
  2. Disable Windows UAC
    You may need to disable Windows UAC. To do this use this guide on You don't need to download the app, just apply Option one, and Option two.
  3. Be patient
    Camera tools may not work on game startup. Kill some monsters, open the map, kill more monsters, spent some time, then try to start camera.

Hotsampling & Custom AR

By default changing AR via SRWE will likely cause a stretched output. There are two ways to avoid it:

  1. Custom AR With CE Table
    Simply download the provided CE Table by DET and check 'nuke portrait check / control FOV'. Now you can use any aspect ratio through SRWE. It's highly recommended to change CE Table's hotkeys for controlling FOV, otherwise it'll conflict with Camera Tools' FOV Control.

  2. Custom AR Without CE Table
    There shouldn't be any stretched output if you stick to your default AR. Simply multiply the current windowed resolution on SRWE by 3, 4 or higher depending on your PC specs to avoid stretching. For example if your windowed resolution is 1616x939 then 1616 x 4 = 6464 939 x 4 = 3756 so 6464x3756 is your hotsampled resolution. Use AspectRatioComposition.fx made by Daodan317081 to preview in-game custom AR. Placing this shader at the bottom of the shader list and binding a key to toggle it, is highly recommended. After taking shot, you can crop it with your favorite image editor. (Photoshop and GIMP allows you to crop image by entering aspect ratios)


Custom aspect ratios with DSR have not been tested.

Reshade & DoF

Reshade DoF was tested with Reshade 4.4.1. Since there is no option to select a specific depth buffer on Reshade 4.4.1 for OpenGL, it may not work as expected every time. Resizing the window affects the depth buffer in both good and bad ways. If you are experiencing issues with the depth buffer, try resizing the resolution via SRWE.

Using the Camera

  1. Enable the camera by pressing Insert
  2. Press Numpad . to block input to the game
  3. Place camera for a cool shot then press Home to lock camera
  4. Switch to SRWE to hotsample by pressing Alt+Tab. The game will automatically open up the menu don't worry
  5. Set your new resolution then switch back to the game
  6. Press Numpad . to enable input to the game then press ESC to close the menu
  7. After the menu is closed press Numpad . to block input again
  8. Take your shot

Steps 4, 5, 6, 7 are not necessary if you go with DSR.

Photo Mode

To use the photo mode, you need to have already beat the game at least once. You can then enable it via Settings > Game > DOOM Photo Mode. The photo mode only works on the three basic difficulty modes: I'm too young to die, Hurt me plenty and Ultra-violence. Once you enable the Photo Mode, press \ key to open it.


Using the camera tools along with the photo mode has not been tested.