Dead Space 3

Shot by K-Putt


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 9

Resolution can be changed in configuration file. Configuration is similar to DS1.

Common Info

Easing attaching to process
In settings, set auto-attach to deadspace or dead for short and tick Even.
Alternatively, set and use hotkey Attach to current foreground process.
Otherwise, use script Attach to game or do it manually.

Change the selected value by pressing Enter or double clicking on it.

Customize hotkeys and their functions by selecting entry and pressing Ctrl+H. Hotkeys work even if game window is minimized, so it's better to use unusual combinations.

Cheat Table Features:

credits: One3rd Jim2Point0 r3sus GhostInTheCamera

Detached Free Camera

Supports both DS2 and DS3.
1. Ctrl+numpad_0 activates camera, detaching it from isaac. Press again to deactivate. 2. Also detaches the camera from the mouse. Do not move the mouse if you want the flashlight and lasers. 3. Use the classic aiming hud as the centered hud is always in the center of the screen. 4. Position controls:

DOF Direction Numpad
Plane forward, backward, left, right 8, 5, 4, 6
Height up, down 9, 7
Aim Angles hold down Num+ and ...
Pan up, down, left, right 8, 5, 4, 6
Zoom in, out 9, 7 (reset to default: ctrl+numpad*)
Tilt left, right 1, 3 (reset: 2, set to 90 degrees: 0)

Time Control

  1. Activate the script manually.
  2. Press Ctrl+0 to toggle pause time.
  3. Game Speed keybinds - [Ctrl + 9 - slomo 0.3]

The game speed multiplier is 1.00 - default, >1 faster, 0 (and lower) pauses the game, while still able to control the camera.


  1. Hotsampling does not seem to work when CE is running. Set game to desired DSR resolution before starting CE. (it runs well at large resolutions)
  2. Run Dead Space 3, set the desired screenshooting resolution, open table in CE and enable the Attach to game process script.
  3. Camera works in main menu and during in-game cutscenes but time control does not.

Extra Cheats

  • God mode, ammo, 0g, etc.
  • Checkpoint Changer.