Dragon's Dogma 2

Shot by moyevka


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes (lol)
Hotsampling Yes¹
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes¹
Reshade Yes¹
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 12

¹ - requires REFramework



REFramework is necessary in order to use any tools including Reshade. If you run into troubles with the public releases of REFramework, try its nightly releases.

Installing Reshade

The installation process for Reshade and its shaders is slightly different in Dragon's Dogma 2, as REFramework makes its own changes as to how external files are loaded to the game. REFramework creates a _storage_ folder to which all external files, such as DLLs and ADDONs, are copied into. If you're unable to get any addons, such as ShaderToggler or IGCSDOF, to install correctly, try dropping them directly into this _storage_ folder instead.

Reshade shaders and textures can also fail to be found due to this change in file structure. You will have to manually point Reshade to your shaders and textures folders for them to load in correctly.


The game needs to run in windowed mode in order for the game to hotsample correctly to different aspect ratios. Hotsampling in borderless windowed will cause black bars to appear.

Shooting without IGCS

If you don't have access to the Otis_Inf camera tools, it is still possible to take shots of the game using REFramework's built-in features.

Timescale & Freecam

REFramework has its own freecam and gamespeed controls. FOV control can be found under the Camera dropdown, check Use Custom Global FOV to enable use of the slider.


The freecam will not move when timescale is set to 0. The minimum value is 0.0001 - the game is still in motion, but it should give you enough time to compose a shot.

Hotsampling with SRWE

REFramework includes rendering fixes under its Graphics dropdown which do force the game to render correctly to different aspect ratios while running in borderless windowed.


...however, having these boxes ticked will cause FOV changes (with both REFramework and IGCS) to be extremely buggy!

EMV Engine

Dragon's Dogma 2, through REFramework, supports the Enhanced Model Viewer Engine repository of scripts. You can use these scripts to hide characters from a scene, pose them, move them around, and so much more. Read our site guide on the scripts on how you can use these scripts in your shots.

Here is a small list of some useful IDs:

ID Character
ch000000_00 Player
ch100000_00 Main Pawn
ch111xxx other pawns in your party
ch110xxx other pawns in the world

Poser Quickstart Guide

A good use of EMV's poser is to edit eye rotations so your subjects look a little less dead.

  1. open Script Generated UI
  2. open Collection
  3. click Detach Window
  4. click Search, no need to change any settings
  5. choose an ID
  6. dropdown the same ID again
  7. expand Poser
  8. for Filter, type eye
  9. L_Eye and R_Eye are at the bottom of the results