Dishonored 2

Shot by IronGauntlet


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes
Graphics API DirectX 11
Game version G



Description Keystroke
Enable/Disable camera DEL
Lock/unlock camera movement HOME
Faster rotate / move ALT + rotate/move
Slower rotate / move Right-CTRL + rotate/move
Rotate camera up/down Arrow up/down or mouse or r-stick
Rotate camera left/right Arrow left/right or mouse or r-stick
Move camera forward/backward Numpad 8/Numpad 5
Move camera left / right Numpad 4/Numpad 6
Move camera up / down Numpad 7/Numpad 9
Tilt camera left / right Numpad 1/Numpad 3
Increase / decrease FoV (w/ freecam) Numpad +/-
Reset FoV (w/ freecam) Numpad *
Toggle Y look direction Numpad /
Block keyboard/mouse input to game Numpad .
This help ALT+H

Tips and Tricks

How to get a model of your player character (only works with Emily)

With the help of the Doppelganger power, you can spawn a doppelganger of Emily. Do remember that this doppelganger can only be summoned on a stable surface, and will rush to attack/distract enemies so it is best used in a cleared area. Also, powers might not work on certain levels, so be careful.

It cannot change its position after being spawned i.e. it will face you once spawned, and will only turn its head to look at you. Quite useful for portraits or environment shots with a subject on them.


The Depth Buffer might break while hotsampling, especially in 1:1 AR. Also, depth buffers ingame and for the camera are different. Do recheck depth buffers after AR changes.