Shot by One3rd


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes, see notes
Reshade Yes (DX9)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 9
Game version Steam



Key Command
Delete Toggle time control
F1 Toggle Photo Mode FOV control
Num + / Num - Increase / decreas FOV
F2 Unlock aspect ratio
F3 Infinite Fuel / scraps
F4 Infinite health for Max
F5 Timeflow = 0 (stop time)
CTRL+F5 Timeflow = 0.001
F6 Timeflow = 0.01
CTRL+F6 Timeflow = 0.1
F7 Timeflow = 0.3
CTRL+F7 Timeflow = 1 (resume time)
F8 Toggle ingame HUD (this is the games default hud toggle)
F9 Enemy Timeflow = 0
CTRL+F9 Enemy Timeflow = 1
F10 Bayonetta Timeflow = 0
CTRL+F10 Bayonetta Timeflow = 1
Caps Lock Toggle all HUD (Reshade add-on ShaderToggler)
Num Decimal Toggle various screen effects (Reshade add-on ShaderToggler)
PAGE DOWN Toggle free camera (controlled with numpad keys, see CAMERA > HOTKEYS section in table for specifics)
PAGE UP Disable additional camera writes to help stabalize during some scenes/levels where the camera shakes
Number row 0 Disable vignette

The in-game camera is this game's most difficult boss... and this free camera is no exception to that jankiness. Expect strange camera behaviour in certain levels and no proper camera control during cutscenes or any time the camera control is taken away from the player.

Tips and Tricks


Hotsampling does not work, but the resolution can be changed in the in-game settings to any DSR resolution while the game is paused.

Aspect Ratio

The game supports different aspect ratios. Go to .\Bayonetta\aspect unlock folder and add the registry entry by double clicking DisableAspectLock.reg or right-click selecting merge.


The in-game VSync is horrendous. Disable that and enable it in your graphics card's control panel. In NVidia Control Panel set the game specific VSync setting to FAST.

Reshade and MSAA

Reshade depth buffer detection works well in this game, even with in-game MSAA enabled.

Use below depth buffer values in Reshade 5.x


Pause Menu Camera

When in the pause menu, the camera position can be moved around the scene. This does not allow for camera rotation or FOV and can be visually buggy, but it works any time an in-engine cutscene is playing. No need to enable anything, just use the below keys.

Key Command
I Up
K Down
J Left
L Right

Use CTRL and SHIFT keys as modifiers for movement speed.

Bayonetta's Hair Costume

There are two scripts that disable the Wicked Weave model change.

Key Command
N Model is always clothed
M Model is clothed in hair costume


  • Press F11 to enable/disable infinite health.
  • There are two address values for the current magic and money values, these can be set manually.
  • PC Gaming Wiki
  • Credit: cheats by fantomas and Zachillios
  • Credit: lookat camera control script and LUA lifted from IDK31 & Smithfield's NieR:Automata table