Wolfenstein: The New Order

Shot by Originalnicodr


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
DSR Yes (desktop DSR)
Custom Aspect Ratios No (see notes)
Reshade Yes (see notes)
Ansel No
Graphics API OpenGL


Setting up the game

Activating the console

The CT have a script to open the console with the tilde key, if it isn't working try adding +com_allowConsole 1 as a startup parameter in the game (through steam parameters or direct access properties), without the table script and only that parameter it will bind the console to tilde key + control.

Modifying the wolfConfig file

Go to your wolfConfig.cfg (located in C:\Users\User\Saved Games\MachineGames\Wolfenstein The New Order\base) and add the following lines in the bindset 0 section:

bind "F5" "toggle g_showhud;toggle hands_show"
bind "F6" "cvarrandom g_stoptime 0 0"
bind "F7" "cvarrandom g_stoptime 1 1"
bind "F8" "g_fov 100"
bind "F9" "cvaradd g_fov -5"
bind "F10" "cvaradd g_fov 5"

Sometimes F5 and F9 don't work as intended so you would need to rebind them in the game every time. Open the console with the tilde key and copy these lines one by one:

cvaradd r_skippostprocess 1
bind F9 "cvaradd g_fov -5"
bind F5 "toggle g_showhud;toggle hands_show"

The first command turns off the engine DoF and filmgrain, but it also turns off other post processing effects like color correction, altho not all of them. If you only want to turn off the post processing effects for shooting you can instead add bindings to change the r_skippostprocess value to -1 and 1 to turn them on and off respectively.

If you want to remove the game's bloom you can use the console command r_skipadaptiveglare 1 to do so.

Subtitles cant be turned off with F5, but you can dissabled them in the game options after composing a shot.


Before shooting make sure to enter the command r_multisamples 16 in the console to force the highest AA, altho it will freeze the game's depth buffer. To fix it just press Esc two times to open and close the menu. The same will probably happen if you want to go back to the old AA with r_multisamples 2.

If you followed the guide to the letter you will end up with the following bindings

Description Key/button
Pause F6
Unpause F7
Toggle Hud, arms and gun F5
Increase/Decrease FOV F9/F10
Activate/Disable CE movement Numpad 0
Activate/Disable gravity Numpad 0
Move camera position WASD
Move camera position (CE movement) Numpad 4, Numpad 6, Numpad 8, Numpad 2
Move camera orientation Mouse
Move camera up/down Space bar/Control
Move camera up/down (CE movement) Numpad 9, Numpad 3
Activate tilt modification .
Tilt left/right { / }
Tilto to 0 degrees +
Tilt to 90 degrees ยด
Faster CE camera position movement Alt + Numpad 4, 6, 8, 2
Slower CE camera position movement Ctrl + Numpad 4, 6, 8, 2
Faster tilting Alt + { / }

To use the freecam you will need to click the box in Cheat Engine that says "Enable 'god', 'noclip', 'notarget', console commands" so you can use the noclip command, which will be used as the freecam. Use the WASD keys to set up the shot and press Numpad 0 to activate the cheat engine movement (which only works with noclip enabled), allowing you to do fine adjustments with the numpad.


Once you get the position, before turning noclip off (enter the noclip command again in the console) turn off gravity (and CE camera position movement) if you haven't done so yet. After doing so and pressing the '.' key in the numpad you would be able to tilt with the keys stated above.

Also take in mind that tilting may result in your character taking damage tho putting blood in the screen because of collisions, making you unpause to get the blood out of the screen.. If you find yourself with this problem try using the 'god' command.


There is a bug in OpenGL that doesn't let CineDOF compile properly (in Reshade 4.7 and probably previous releases). This has already been reported and (apparently) fixed in the next ReShade version, so use a version above 4.7 if you want to use this specific shader.

Custom Aspect Ratios

The game doesn't support vertical ARs (it stretches the image). Even tho wider AR seems to work, most of the time you will get hud elements at the side of the screen, but since this depends on the mission you may successfully use wide ARs.