Persona 5 Royal

Shot by ashcorpdev


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (with tools)*
Reshade Yes (DX11)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11
Game Version 1.03B S

* Custom Aspect Ratios can be set in the mod menu, but may not rescale the image correctly.



Development on the mod menu has finished according to the author; as such, the guide may become outdated following a game update. If so, as an alternative, you can roll back to a previous version of the game following this guide.

Requirements for Depth Buffer support


The game writes HUD and menu data to the depth buffer.

Disabling the HUD is required for the depth buffer to work. See Scripts Functions section for how to disable the HUD.

For depth buffer support, set the following pre-processor definitions:


Select the following options for the 'Generic Depth' add-on: - Copy before clears to 1.

Mod Menu - Navigation

Bindings can be adjusted in the ZMenuP5R.ini file in the root directory of the game.

Default Bindings

Key Description KeyCode
Numpad 8 Menu Up 104
Numpad 2 Menu Down 98
Numpad 4 Menu Left 100
Numpad 6 Menu Right 102
Numpad 5 Menu Enter 101
Numpad 0 Menu Back 96
F7 Menu Toggle 118

Especially helpful for those without a numpad.

Key Description KeyCode
Up Arrow Menu Up 38
Down Arrow Menu Down 40
Left Arrow Menu Left 37
Right Arrow Menu Right 39
Enter Menu Enter 13
Backspace Menu Back 8
F7 Menu Toggle 118

Mod Menu - Free Camera

  1. Navigate to Options > Game Tweaks and ensure that Disable Keyboard Input and Disable Mouse Input are enabled.
  2. Navigate to Options > Camera Options > Custom Cameras > Freecam and set Enabled to On.
  3. Set Custom Mouse Rotation to On.
  4. Move camera with WASD and the mouse.

Script Functions

To change these values, you'll need to open the mod menu (Default: F7) and navigate to Experimental > Script Functions.

Select Search and type in DISP. Select Search from that menu and hit Enter and you should see a selection of functions.

Once you've done so, select one of the functions from the table below. Go back to the previous menu (Experimental > Scription Functions) and you'll be prompted with some parameters that can be edited by pressing left or right on the values that say <0>.

Simply change the values based on the guides below and then select Execute to trigger them.

Function Description Parameters Notes
DATE_DISP Toggles the date/time indicator in top-left of HUD. P1: 0 is hidden, 1 is shown. Must be hidden for depth buffer to work correctly.
FLD_PANEL_DISP Toggles the main controls HUD/Minimap etc. P1: 0 is hidden, 1 is shown. Must be hidden for depth buffer to work correctly.
FLD_NPC_UNDISP Toggles NPC visibility. P1: Leave at 0. P2: 0 is hidden, 1 is shown. Optional.
FLD_NPC_TALKICON_FORCEDISP_FBNID Toggles the NPC 'chat' bubble icons above their heads. P1: Leave at 0. P2: 0 is hidden, 1 is shown. Optional.