Nioh 2: The Complete Edition

Shot by Loyd


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes
Hotsampling No
DSR Yes (from desktop)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (with tools)
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes
Graphics API DirectX 11



Sometimes the game freezes when you move the Photo Mode camera forward or backward while the FOV+TILT from the cheat table is enabled (might only happen in certain stages/places). The safe way is disable the fov (can use hotkey) if you want to move forward or backward, then you can enable it when you want to set the fov (without move the Photo Mode camera forward/backward).

Custom Aspect Ratio

Vertical aspect ratios don't work, but wider AR's do, although the game UI won't be scaled correctly, especially anything wider than 21:9

Using DSR

In order to use DSR, set the desktop to the resolution you want to use and then you can change to that resolution in-game.