Shot by Midhras


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes (with tools)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (with tools)
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11

This guide is fairly outdated. I tried to get things working again to middling success. The tools often conflicted and would not produce desired results. I'll write down how far I got, if you get further please do update the guide. - moyevka, 21/04/22.

The Otis camera tools are for the Steam 15/07/2021 patch. The CT is for game versions prior to that.

The FAR mod has been superseded by Special K as a whole, but the latest versions of Special K conflict with Otis tools upon injection. I had luck with Special K ver. 21.07.22.

Reshade 5.1.0+ seems to cooperate with Special K. Follow the Special K Reshade setup guide. As below, depth buffer access is only available with AA turned off.

For the most part, Otis tools work. The only thing that's unreliable is hotsampling. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it just doesn't. I suspect it might be a Special K conflict, but I couldn't solve it. Occasionally, timestopping wouldn't work, but that seems to be location-specific.


Additional Notes

  • To change aspect ratio, set the game to windowed mode and use custom resolution or DSR (Custom res guide here)
  • Depth buffer inaccessible with in-game AA turned on, turn off AA to get depth