Mafia: Definitive Edition

Shot by Jack Heisenburg


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11


  • Camera Tools by Otis_Inf
    Features: Freecam in gameplay (doesn't work in cutscenes), FOV Control, time stop.
    Note: You need to download the Mafia 3 tools (so the tools for the original Mafia 3, not the tools for the Mafia 3 Definitive Edition), they work for Mafia: Definitive Edition, minus the hud toggle.
  • Hud Toggle by Geon


  • Scripthook: Player model swap, no clip movement, spawn and edit vehicles, weather controls.
  • Scripthook Revamped: Adds more options to Scripthook such as the ability to play character animations, change time of day, add in character props.
  • Free Ride Deluxe: Complete overhaul of Free ride mode.

Reshade Depth Buffer

Because this game always runs in online mode you will not be able to use the depth buffer with the common reshade installer, you will need to use a custom build that doesn't block the use of reshade in online games. Find out more here.


Note that the game uses a reversed depth buffer. You will need to go to the global processor definitions and change RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED from 0 to 1. This is essential and otherwise depth shaders will not work properly.

Scripthook and Reshade

If you are using Reshade alongside Scripthook, your game may no longer launch as Reshade hooks into the Scriphook launcher and interfers with the game. To fix this, edit Mafia - Definitive Edition\ScriptHook\data\config.json and change line 20 "showStartupMenu" from true to false.