The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Shot by jim2point0


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Ansel Yes
Hotsampling Yes (with tools)
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Graphics API DirectX 11


  • Camera tools by Otis_Inf
    Features: Camera control, FoV, timestop, HUD toggle, NPC animation speed control, camera paths support, Time of Day control, hotsampling, higher LODs selector, optional no pause when alt-tabbing.
    The no pause when alt-tabbing feature is best ticked while in a loading screen.
  • Lighting tools by etra0

Essential mods

Mods for Visuals: Jim2point0 Edition

Some mods are only available in the Gudmods modding server. Here's an invite to the Gudmods Discord Server.

  • Immersive Lighting (nudel edition)
    Lighting Mods will probably make the biggest visual difference, but they are very subjective as to what you'll like.
  • HD Reworked
  • Monsters Reworked
  • Elysium Grass
    Download from Gudmods
    Make sure your mod.settings file has the following
  • Tweaks
    Lets you push the graphics higher than ultra, like grass distance, density, etc.
    Recommended grass settings:
    Grass density: 6000-8000
    Grass distance SCale: 2.3
    Grass Ring Size: 33554432
    Grass Efficienty: 0.001

Extra odds and ends

For screenshots:

  • Freecam & console
    As the title suggests, this enables the console and enables the debug free camera. The free camera is best operated with a controller, as the keyboard controls do not include a way to change FOV.
  • Photomode2inOne
    This mod allows you to freeze the game as well as hide the HUD with a single hotkey. It also includes controls for changing the weather, game speed, and adds a few effects like fog and mist that you can spawn.
  • AMM
    The alternate appearances menu lets you change your appearance (as well as Roach). It will ignore whatever you're wearing so you can still look cool while using items that have the stats you want.

Cheat Engine Table

Time of Day Control
Enable the script. Use the [ ] keys to change the time of day. Hold ALT to move the time faster. Hold CTRL to move the time slower.

To make the time transition smoother, in Cheat Engine, go to Edit -> settings -> hotkeys  
Decrease keypoll interval and delay to 25-50

Unit Animation Speeds
This script can be used to individually freeze Geralt and\or enemies and NPCS. This can be useful when setting up a combat shot. You can set a hotkey to freeze enemies in the middle of their attack animation. Then you can focus on positioning Geralt once the enemy is frozen in place.

If you freeze Geralt in the middle of most animations using this script, his face and eyes will still move. This can be a good way to get the exact eye line or expression you want for your screenshot. Once you have what you want, use the photomode2in1 timestop to freeze everything.

High Resolution Screenshots

If you freeze the game with Photomode2inOne, you should still be able to access the menu by pressing escape. This will allow you to bump up your resolution with DSR or another means.

Tips and Tricks

  • When using the freecam mod, you might notice that trees\bushes behind Geralt will disappear as you fly around. That's because, when you enable the freecamera, those trees exist outside of the current camera frustum. If you want those trees or objects to stick around, you need to trick the game into thinking the camera is looking at those trees. So before you enable the freecam, rotate the in-game camera to look behind Geralt. Then when you enable the camera, those trees/objects will not disappear.