Mass Effect: Andromeda

Shot by Originalnicodr


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes (limited)
Reshade Yes
Ansel Yes
Graphics API DirectX 11



  1. Extract files where ever you want
  2. Start the game
  3. Launch the tools


Mouse and Keyboard - Joystick Description
Insert Toggle Free camera
Home Toggle HUD
Delete Pause
Mouse - Right analog Rotate camera
W / A / S / D - Left analog Move the camera forward / left / backwards / right
Space / Control - L2 / R2 Move camera up / down
Numpad 1 / Numpad 3 - L1 / R1 Tilt camera left / right
End Toggle gamepad input
Page Up/Down - L3 / R3 Change FoV

(Joystick sensibility can be high)

In the tools window you can find the following features:

  • Movement Speed
  • Rotation Speed
  • Roll Speed
  • Reset Camera
  • Game Timescale
  • Shadowmap Size
  • Depth of Field
  • Viggnete
  • Film Grain

Custom Aspect Ratios

Vertical aspect ratios don't work, but horizontals do. Also the game doesn't support high definitions like 6k, but you can get some higher definitions in other ARs that aren't 16:9 (the max I could use was 5760x2468). Also custom aspect ratios dont seem to work in cutscenes.


  • After changing the FOV the game will stop changing it when zooming, in cinematics, etc. To fix that change the "Override FoV" value from -1 to 0 and then back to -1.
  • For disabling the games vignette click the big empty box in the tools window and then click the ticked box next to "Enabled".
  • Once the Tempest flies for the first time you can no longer use the freecam in it.
  • Cutscenes (not the ones that involve common dialogue with NPCs) will crash the game after you unpause, so make sure to save before those.
  • The tools controls modify the camera of the game if you are on another window or even trying to interact with the reshade UI. If it's proven difficult to work with, press the "Disable all input" box in the tools window.