Game Title

Shot by Skall


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
DSR Unknown
Custom Aspect Ratios Unknown
Reshade No
Ansel No
Graphics API Vulkan


Using the CE table and the debug menu to enable free camera

First, you need to add a line to the settings.ini to enable cheats: cheats_enabled = true While in the game, press RT + LR + Dpad Right or Ctrl-Shift-F12 to open the debug menu, then enable the camera from the menu. Before entering the debug menu, makes sure to use the CE Table to stop the time etc.

  • Timestop: enable and press Numpad 0 to put the "pTimestop" at 0. It will freeze the time. Then after that you can enter in the debug console.
  • Camera Speed: enable and change the value to have a faster camera or a slower one.
  • FOV: enable and then press Numpad + to increase and Numpad - to decrease


While in free camera or Timestop, you can go into the menu option to put the Render Scale at 200%. It will increase the quality of the shot. To capture the game, you can use MSI AfterBurner or GeForce Experience (using ALT+F1)