Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Shot by Originalnicodr


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes (see notes)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11



Key Command
CTRL + Mouse wheel Resize GUI
INS Toggle freecam
HOME Lock / unlock camera
Mouselook / Arrow keys / > Rotate camera
Num 8 / Num 5 / < Move camera forward / backward
Num 4 / Num 6 / < Move camera left / right
Num 7 / Num 9 / { / } Move camera up / down
Num 1 / Num 3 / A / D Tilt camera left / right
Num + / Num - / W / X Increase / decrease FoV
Num * / b Reset FoV
ALT / y Faster movement modifier
R-CTRL / x Slower movement modifier
Num 0 Pause game (see notes)
ALT + H Show help

Tips and Tricks


Timestop is implemented in the camera tools as Num 0. This timestop works during normal gameplay and during cutscenes. It's the same timestop as pausing the game, but without showing the menu. This means that to unpause the game, you have to use the menu show/hide keys (ESC or the menu button on controller).

Depth of field

In the camera menu (CTRL + INS) you'll find in-game DoF controls. These controls work when the camera is enabled.

Time of Day and Weather control

In order to effectively control time of day and weather, the game must be unpaused and the camera must be enabled, otherwise the game's values are overwriting your changes. This is done to avoid you configuring things which could have a negative effect on gameplay.


To be able to use Reshade in the game you will need:

  • DXVK (drop the DLLs from the x64 directory into the game's root dir), which will convert DirectX to Vulkan (v1.8.1 was suggested, but feel free to try a newer version).
  • Install Reshade as Vulkan globally (the second button on Reshade's installer).

Other methods for using Reshade in the game involve defocusing the game's window when the game is being initialized, but the method described above seems to work well. Overlays (Steam, Afterburner, etc.) also work fine with this method.