Portal 2

Shot by EchoSmoker


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling No
DSR Yes¹
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes²
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 9, Vulkan

¹ - Changing resolutions too often can cause a game hang, recommended to play at your shooting resolution
² - Aspect Ratio might have to be tweaked to see all your custom resolutions

Console commands

Since Valve games allow access to the console, no tools are needed.
Going to the Options menu > Keyboard/Mouse, enable Allow Developer Console. You can now open the console with the `/~ key.

Command Arguments Description
sv_cheats 0 / 1 enables cheats (needed for most of these)
cl_drawhud 0 / 1 hides HUD
noclip 0 / 1 toggles noclip (freecam)
r_drawviewmodel 0 / 1 toggles viewmodel (portal gun visibility)¹
host_timescale - controls gamespeed (multiplier)
mat_postprocess_enable 0 / 1 toggles post-processing (bloom, sharpening, LUTs)
mat_fastspecular 0 / 1 toggles quality of specular highlights, set to 0 for better quality
r_waterforcereflectentities 0 / 1 force water to reflect everything
fog_override 0 / 1 override the default fog settings (required for the fog commands below)
fog_enable 0 / 1 toggles fog in the level
fog_skyboxenable 0 / 1 toggles fog in the skybox
cl_fov value change FoV
r_portal_use_dlights 0/1 toggles a dynamic lighting effect around portals
portal_draw_ghosting 0/1 toggles portal outlines that are visible through walls
map ID list change levels
thirdperson - enable third person camera²
thirdperson_mayamode - enables rotational camera around the player model (hold alt + click - move the camera, left click - rotate camera, right click - zoom camera)
firstperson - enable first person camera (the default)

¹ - Hiding the viewmodel also hides any object the portal gun is holding
² - Enable thirdperson before using thirdperson_mayamode, use firstperson to reset

Tips and Tricks

Binding commands & autoexec.cfg

The above commands can be bound to hotkeys with the use of bind <key> <command> / bindToggle <key> <command> (latter is best for 0 / 1 commands) so the console doesn't have to be opened all the time.

These bind commands can be written to an autoexec.cfg file created in ~\Portal 2\portal2\cfg folder. This guide goes into more detail regarding console commands and autoexec.cfg. While it is focused on L4D2, a lot of the same principles apply since they share the same engine.


MSAA needs to be disabled in the video settings for the depth buffer to work. Use ReShade AA methods and DSR.

Environments seen through portals are not detected by the depth buffer.

Chell will look in the direction she shot portals.