Mad Max

Shot by One3rd


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes (DX11)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11
Game version


  • Cheat Engine Table
    Features: Photo Mode Camera range, FOV Control, Custom Aspect Ratios, Timeflow control, Function call handler, Cheats
  • Hud Removal Tool
    Features: Ingame and Photo Mode toggle, screen effects toggle, Distant DOF removal


Key Command
X+C or < + > Ingame Photo Mode (can also access through pause menu)
F1 Toggle Photo Mode FOV control
Num + / Num - Increase / decreas FOV
F2 Unlock aspect ratio
F3 Infinite Fuel / scraps
F4 Infinite health for Max
F5 Enable Timeflow script, press again to stop time (Timeflow = 0.01)
ALT+F5 Normal time (Timeflow = 1)
CTRL+F5 Timeflow = 0.1
SHIFT+F5 Timeflow = 0.5
F6 Timeflow = 0.001
F7 Timeflow = 0.1
F8 Timeflow = 0.5
CAPS LOCK or > Toggle HUD
Num 1 Toggle broken glass screen effects
Num 2 Toggle fight effects such as sparks, outlines and distortion waves

Tips and Tricks

Function Call Handler

The function call handler script can be used to run specific game functions to change the weather, time of day, call storms, spawn cars, change camera, run cheats, etc...

To use the function call handler enable the script, paste the function you want to call into the value of the stringArg field then press ` to run the function. The functions can also be selected from the stringArg dropdown or set with some pre-defined key binds, some of the more useful ones in the table below.


Make sure to enable the function call handler script before using any of the function keybinds. The game may crash otherwise.

Key Function Call Command
Num 1 Clear weather
Num 2 Heavy clouds
Num 3 Overcast clouds
Num 4 Storm trigger (same as thunderstorm?)
ALT+Num 4 Storm stop
Num 5 Sandstorm trigger
ALT+Num 5 Thunderstorm trigger
Num 6 Set current time to midday
ALT+Num 6 Set current time to midnight
Num 7 Disable enemy AI
ALT+Num 7 Enable enemy AI
Num 9 Kill everyone in local proximity
CTRL+SHIFT+1 Set signature car invulnerable
CTRL+SHIFT+2 Refill player health
` Run Set Function Call command

For a complete list of the available functions see the Table Extras section in the CE table. These notes have been copied and pasted from the original source table.

Time Of Day

The time of day can be changed by advancing it quickly to get to the time or sun position that you want. Going back in time causes temporal issues and should be avoided at all costs.

Key Command
SHIFT+= Toggle Time of Day script
] increase time multiplier by 2 (this stacks)
[ set TOD advancedment to 0
SHIFT+[ set TOD advancement back to default of 0.0333

DOF removal

Installing the HUD Toggle also removes the in-game near and far DOF blur. If you want to re-enable the DOF blur, go to the ShaderFixes folder and delete the a0c74b6c6279d9d1-cs.txt file.

Remove Vignette

To remove the ingame vignette effect edit the settings.ini file in the game folder. Under the [Graphics] section change EdgeFade=1 to EdgeFade=0.

Using Video Capture Mode for Motion Blur

The built-in Photo Mode has a Video Mode feature that is enabled when two controllers are connected. The second controller is then used to control the in-game camera while the first controller (or KB and Mouse) control the car and Max. This video can help describe the feature further.

  1. Set Timeflow to 0.01 (press F5 twice)
  2. Go into Photo Mode (X+C or < + >), set the filter, position the camera where you want it anchored
  3. Go into Video Mode (R or y) then Begin Session (ENTER or A)
  4. Review the Capture Video notes and buttons. Press ENTER again.
  5. As soon as you are in Video Capture Mode press A on the second controller to anchor the camera in it's current position. The camera will follow the car or Max.
  6. Set Timeflow to 0.1 (F7), start long exposure, wait 1s - 2s or longer and stop the long exposure. Take screenshot.
  7. Set Timeflow back to 0.01 (F5) to freeze things in place in case you need to redo the shot.
Video Capture Mode

The controls for Video Capture Mode when using a controller