Yakuza Like a Dragon

Shot by ItsYFP


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode No
Hotsampling Yes (16:9)
DSR Unknown
Custom Aspect Ratios No
Reshade Yes (DX11)
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11


  • Yakuza Like a Dragon Free Cam by etra0
    Features: Pause, Engine Speed Control, Free Camera, Tilt and FOV Control
    Important: Currently, you can ONLY use it with a Controller (no keyboard support!)


Key Action
R1 + R3 Photo Mode Activation
Left/Right Arrow Change Engine Speed
L2/R2 Change FoV
L1/R1 Tilt

Activating the camera disables the HUD.

Tips and Tricks


Save yourself some trouble by deactivating the In-Game Depth of Field in Settings -> Graphic Settings -> Advanced Settings.

In Reshade edit the Global Preprocessor and set RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED to 1.


Reshade Depth Related Shaders
If you use the tools in cutscenes it is important to know, that by pressing E(or A on Controller) or clicking Left Mouse Button, you jump ahead in the cutscene conversation by default. You can not change this in the keyboard layout for the game.

If you want to work with Reshade and being able to edit the current scene, tab out of the game, this way the game will pull up a pause screen, which you can't see because the tools also hide the HUD, but it is there. Tab back into the Game, by pressing ESC you will return to the game (leaving the Pause Screen). You have to set up any Depth Shader you want to use in the active Pause Screen, yet this way the Depth Buffer does not work.

It takes a bit more effort to set things up, but you'll get used to it.