NFS Heat

Shot by tripps


Feature Supported
Vanilla Photo Mode Yes
Hotsampling Yes
Custom Aspect Ratios Yes
Reshade Yes
Ansel No
Graphics API DirectX 11
Game version 1.07


  • Camera toolkit by ARCHIE
    Feature: Tool to control in-game camera and its various features.
  • UNITE Heat
    Features: A modpack combining the best mods that improve your game drastically.
  • Frosty Mod Manager
    Feature: Utility program that allows you to organize and manage mods.
  • DatapathFix Feature: Plugin for FMM to fix an issue with modding the game.
  • NFS Heat key for FMM
    Feature: Key file needed to run Frosty Mod Manager and Editor.

Photo Mode controls

To enable vanilla photo mode, you need to hold Print Screen for 5-10 seconds.


If the game does not switch you to photo mode, do not panic it's a common glitch. Press Tab to go to the menu, now hit Esc to go back to the game and try again.

Key Command
Print Screen Toggle camera
W A S D Move camera around
Mouse Rotate camera around
Page Down / Page Up Zoom out / Zoom in
E / Q Roll camera left / right
Z / X Raise / Lower camera
C Hide UI
Enter Take snapshot

Camera Toolkit default controls

Key Command
F1 Toggle UI
F2 Toggle camera
Caps lock Toggle HUD
F5 Pause game
Num 2 / Num 1 Move camera up / down
Num 4 / Num 6 Move camera left / right
Num 8 / Num 5 Move camera forward / backward
Num 2 / Num 1 Move camera up / down
Num 7 / Num 9 Roll camera left / right
Num + / Num - Increase / decrease FOV

The tool allows you to rebind any button to whatever button you wish for in the included CamToolKitV2.ini file.

Tips and Tricks

Hotsampling and custom aspect ratios

Both work issue-free using the SRWE tool. The game needs to be in Windowed mode for them to work.