Ansel is Nvidia's implementation of a photomode into a large number of games through its GeForce Experience overlay. It allows the player to move the camera freely to take "super-resolution" tiled/AI-upscaled, 360°, HDR and stereoscopic screenshots. Named after famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams, it's one of the common camera tools used for screenshotting. It does come with (quite) a few limitations though.


Description Key / Gamepad bind
Open Ansel Alt + F2
Camera Orientation Mouse (while holding left click) / >
Camera Movement WASD / <
Up/Down Movement Z, X / { / }
Camera Rotation Q, E / [ / ]
Fast movement Shift (While moving) / > (click & hold)
Slow movement Ctrl (While moving)
FoV In Ansel GUI (Camera section)
Hide/Show Ansel GUI Ins / In Ansel GUI

Configuring Ansel

Ansel can be configured through an EXE found in C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\NvCameraConfiguration.exe or C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraConfiguration.exe. You can use it for things such as changing the output format to Lossless Output Image Format (PNG). More configuration settings can be found here.

If the folder doesn't exist, create the folder and download the EXE here.


Freestyle is Nvidia's implementation of post-processing filters. Because Reshade overlays on top of Ansel, captures with Ansel won't include Reshade effects. Freestyle effects do work with Ansel captures though.

Freestyle is essentially a port of Reshade, so it is possible to install and use most Reshade effects in Freestyle as well. Just add the Reshade FXs of your choice to C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\.


Ansel use is often discouraged because it can be quite limiting, especially when proper community-made camera tools exist.

  • You cannot use Reshade with Ansel enabled.
  • You cannot hotsample with Ansel enabled.
  • The free camera often has range and clipping limits.

For some games where Ansel has been the only option, Cheat Engine tables or mods can exist that bypass these camera limits and give you a camera with more freedom. If these hacks exist, our game guides normally do mention them.

Supported games

A full list of all the games Ansel is currently implemented in can be found here. Do note that this list includes all games in which Ansel supports, but not which Ansel features have been implemented.

Be sure Enable experimental features is checked in your GeForce Experience settings, since support for some games hasn't been made official yet.