Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Shot by EchoSmoker


Feature Supported
Platforms PS5
Camera Type Free and Orbit
FoV Slider Yes
Roll Yes (360°)
Depth of Field Yes
Filters Yes
Scene Lighting Yes, Natural Light
Custom Lights Yes, 3


Access the Photo Mode in the pause menu. You can also bind it to W D A X as a shotcut.

Button Command
< Move camera
> Rotate camera
} Pan up
{ Pan down
[ / ] Change tabs in Camera Mode
S Navigate menus
s Change editing mode
t Hide UI

Tips and Tricks

Extend Camera Range

Lighting Mode has a separate camera independent from the main camera. This camera comes with a larger range so it is useful if your shot requires more distance from the player.

Camera Mode

Camera Mode

Lighting Mode

Lighting Mode

Edits made in other modes (except frames and stickers) will transfer to the lighting camera. Switching from Lighting Mode will revert to the main camera, so you will need to switch back and forth to check adjustments for things like DoF and FoV. Both cameras save their positions when switching modes.

Chroma Key

If you want to chroma key a character you can use the Color option in Lighting Mode. Selecting it will render the player character in front of a solid color.


Particles like dust from jet boots are effected by custom lights. You can take advantage of these to create interesting and dynamic backgrounds.


Photo Mode renders the game in Fidelity regardless of graphics mode. RT will turn on if playing in Performance. This lasts until Photo Mode is closed.