Shot by EchoSmoker


Feature Supported
Platforms PS5
Camera Type Free
FoV Slider Yes
Roll Yes (360°)
Depth of Field Yes
Filters Yes
Scene Lighting Yes (Sun position)
Custom Lights Yes (3 spotlights)


Access the Photo Mode in the pause menu.

Button Command
< Move camera
> Rotate camera
} Pan up
{ Pan down
> Turn camera
[ / ] Change tabs
S Navigate menu
x Toggle grid
t Toggle menu

Tips and Tricks

Spotlights and Lighting

There are 3 spotlights in Returnal. They cannot be moved independently from each other and their colors cannot be changed.

Depth of Field

Transparencies (like Selene's helmet) are not properly detected by the DoF. It is recommended to take 2 screenshots (1 with DoF active and 1 without DoF) and merge them together in photo editing software such as Photoshop.

merged DoF

Left = in-game DoF | Right = edited DoF