Demon's Souls

Shot by Wulfgaardian


Feature Supported
Platforms PS5
Camera Type Free
FoV Slider Yes (25-55°)
Roll Yes (90°)
Depth of Field Yes (near and far controls)
Filters Yes, with intensity sliders
Scene Lighting No
Custom Lights No


Button Command
{ / } Move camera down / up
< Move camera (click to Reset all settings)
> Pan camera
[ / ] Navigate options backwards / forwards
x Show/Hide GUI
t Reset settings (for current options tab)
c Exit photo mode

Tips and Tricks

Performance versus Cinematic mode

Demon's Souls has two modes; performance mode targets at 1440p / 60fps, while cinematic targets 2160p / 30 fps.

Due to the lack of pausing, it is not feasible to switch between the two especially if engaged in a boss fight. Performance mode negatively affects the quality of assets which are very noticable and the photo mode does not automatically switch to cinematic mode. With all of this in mind, I would strongly recommend cinematic mode for the purpose of taking screenshots, to improve visual fidelity.

Turning on Photo Mode

Demon's Souls allows you to bind the left and right side of the DualSense's touchpad to various functions, including the game's photo mode. By default, touching the right side of the touchpad will bring up the game's Toolbelt which you can use to select the photo mode.

You can change the default touchpad controls to enter photo mode instantly by navigating to the game's settings and selecting Controls. From here you can customise the left or right side of the touchpad to immediately enter photo mode (see below).

customise touch pad

Soul Form

Whenever you die in Demon's Souls, your character will enter Soul Form, a condition that gives your character a blue-ish spectral appearance and reduces your maximum HP. The image below shows the difference between Human Form (the default appearance) and Soul Form.

human vs soul

Beyond looking rather unappealing, Soul Form can affect taking screenshots in two ways;

  1. Soul Form cuts your maximum HP in half (without a cling ring) which can make taking shots of tough enemies more difficult.

  2. There is an issue which results in depth of field not being correctly applied around your character (see below).

ugly dof

If you do not wish to be in Soul Form, there are various ways to revert back to "Body Form";

  1. Use the game's multiplayer function to be summoned by another player to help them defeat a boss, or invade another player and kill them. Doing either of these will revert you back to Body Form until you die again.

  2. Use stones of ephemeral eyes, which are rare items found in the game or purchasing from various vendors such as Patches. These items will allow you to immediately revert to Body Form from Soul Form. They are quite valuable and very scarce, so I would only recommend using them if you have an abundance.

  3. Take advantage of "save scumming" - manually saving your game before a boss fight when in Body Form and reloading that save from the PS+ Cloud when you die (requires a Playstation Plus subscription). This can be done to avoid using stones of ephemeral eyes or if you accidentally kill a boss. To save scum, save and exit Demon's Souls,navigate to the home screen of the PS5, select options under the Demon's Souls tile and choose Upload/Download Saved Data. You only have one slot to download and retrieve from, so think carefully before overwriting your save as you cannot return to bosses once you have defeated them.
    save data