Ghost of Tsushima

Shot by Wulfgaardian


Feature Supported
Platforms PS4 / PS5
Camera Type Free
FoV Slider Yes (12-300mm)
Roll Yes (90°)
Depth of Field Yes
Filters Yes, with intensity sliders
Scene Lighting Yes (full Time of Day)
Custom Lights No


Button Command
D Enter / exit photo mode
{ / } Move camera down / up
< Move camera
> Pan camera
W / X Navigate options up / down
t Show/Hide GUI
s Reset settings (for current options tab)

Tips and Tricks

Turning on Photo Mode

Photo mode can be entered with the right directional button D. Make sure the photo mode option is turned on by navigating to Options > Gameplay > Photo Mode (On). Having one button to enter and exit will make it easier to take shots that rely on character animations.

Unlimited Range Trick

The photo mode remembers all settings including the last-known camera position upon exiting. You can use this to extend the photo mode's range beyond it's default setting. There are no range limits to this trick, effectively giving you unlimited range. You may wish to do this to create extreme long shots or shots with a higher focal length. To perform the trick, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter photo mode and move the camera as far away as you can - you will hit a limit almost immediately.

  2. Exit the photo mode and immediately enter photo mode again, the camera will be where you last positioned it.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 (a dozen times will give you a respectable range to work with). You will notice that the range limit will be further each time, so repeat as often as you like.

IMPORTANT: The photo mode will remember the camera position upon exit but can reset if you move Jin away from the area when you first entered photo mode. You may need to repeat the trick starting from the default limit if this happens.

Make sure to look out for the grass draw distance and cloth physics (such as on cloaks) when moving the camera further than what the default limit allows.